A Mills Transformed book will be published in December 2024 by John Hudson Publishing. The book aims to-
1) Celebrate the restoration and repurposing of industrial textile mill buildings in the north of England.
2) Tell the fascinating human-interest stories behind 25 separate mill renovation case studies visited.
3) Draw together common themes, insights and lessons as to what determines a successful mill transformation scheme.
Chapters within the book will include-
- Why historic mills need to be retained due to their historic and architectural importance
- The historic evolution of textile mills
- Mill regeneration approaches and policies
- Mill renovation case studies
- Insights and conclusions as to what further action can be taken to regenerate vacant mills.
If you wish to be a supporter of the project and have your name included in the book or would like to reserve a signed copy please go to the GoFundMe page or contact john@johnhudsonpublishing.com  for further details.

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