Hebden Bridge Mill first began life as medieval corn mill constructed from timber and thatch.
The building was later extended and rebuilt in stone and by 1871 had become a steam-powered cotton spinning mill with prominent chimney. The most well know modern mill occupants were clothing manufacturers Greenwood and Pickles, who attached a generator to the water wheel to run their machines and to supply electric lighting.
Greenwood and Pickles finally closed in 1956, and the mill was due to be demolished to create car parking. David Fletcher a local businessman and environmentalist rescued the derelict Bridge Mill in 1973. Fletcher installed a new wheel and Archimedes screw and the mill now generates power through means of a modern turbine and heat transfer pump.
During the last 40 years Hebden Mill has housed cafes, restaurants, artists’ studios, offices, small shops and businesses. It is now home to the Innovation Café and Gift shop
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