Higherford Mill at Barrowford is a listed spinning mill built in 1824. In 1832 steam power was introduced to supplement the water power and a chimney was built, with a flue running up the adjoining hillside. The mill continued to use water power in conjunction with steam power until the late 19th century. The main weaving shed has since become the oldest surviving in the world.  
The Mill ceased production in 1971 and was then sold. The new owner converted part of the Mill to workspace units with the rest of the building becoming derelict. In December 1994 an application was submitted for consent to demolish the Mill and build housing. Villagers and Heritage Trust for the North West objected and after a five-year campaign, the Trust purchased the Mill in 1999.
Higherford Mill has since become a focal point for the Creative Industries of East Lancashire. Workshops have been constructed in the old weaving sheds which currently providing space to 20 businesses. Plans are being developed to create a Cultural Heritage Centre with interpretation materials and visitor facilities.
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